Advertising Items

Besides large-scale advertising such as billboard and giant signage, adverting items play an important role in a promotional activity. The size may be smaller, but the power of focusing to the targeted audience is undoubtful big. At MIX LINAC, we provide a wide selection of premium items for customers in the success of campaigns and advertising goals.

Our selections of Advertising Items as per below:

Bunting T-Stand :

  • Tripod Stand
  • T5 Stand
  • T-Bar Stand
  • Local T-Bar

Bunting X-Stands :

  • Bag X-Stand
  • Moon X-Stand
  • Korea X-Stand
  • China X-Stand
  • China Double X-Stand
  • China Metal X-Stand
  • Gear X-Stand
  • Mini X-Stand

Roll Up Stand :

  • Luxury Roll Up
  • Roll Up Fiber
  • Deluxe Roll Up
  • Double Side Roll Up
  • Roll Up Ceiling Auto Scroll
  • Roll Up Auto Scroll

Pop Up Stand :

  • Velcro Pop Up
  • Magnet Pop Up Curve
  • Pop Up Backdrop Display (Sring Pop Up Type)

Misc item :

  • Easy Banner Display
  • Jumbo Banner Display
  • Multi Rack
  • Folding Panel Display
  • Pop Up Table
  • Menu Stand
  • Aluminium Stand
  • A-Stand
  • Brochure Stand
  • Wooden, Aluminium and Metal Easel Stand
  • Twister Column & Twister Counter Display
  • Aluminium Promotion Counter
  • Aluminium Sampling Booth
  • Folding Table
  • Beach Flying Flag
  • Water Tank Flying Flag 3M
  • LED Digital Light Box
  • LED Acrylic Light Box
  • Snap Frame
  • Poster Standee
  • Que-Up Stands

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